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Prices (20% discount already included in price)

Duo treatmentTimePrice
Mon-Fri 80 min 1192 ,- pr person
Weekends 80 min 1352 ,- pr person

The price is present Monday-Thursday/Friday-Sunday. Friday-Sunday price applies on afternoons and public holidays .

Mother and child

Get a calm break from a hectic everyday life with the person who means the world to you, your child. The two of you will recieve a light and pleasant mini facial which includes scalp ,facial and back /neckmassage. Father is of course welcome to order this treatment with his child.The treatment is given by one therapist and while one person is wrapped the other is given a massage and vica versa.

Anti stress

Aromamassage for stress and sore muscles. These treatments includes a green mud mask on your back and relaxing back and scalp massage that melts away stress and tensions. While one is wrapped in with relaxing mud mask on the back the other is receiving a gentle antistress massage. Is The green clay is sun dried and powdered .It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which have many benefits including working antiflamatoric on joints and muscles .given by one therapist

Recovery treatment

For the absolute feeling of wellbeing we recommend this exclusive treatment with white or dark choccolate.This treatment starts with a bodyscrub which removes dead skincells. The warm mix of cacaobutter and vanilla extracts from Madagaskar lubricates on the skin and has a goal to give the skin a new glow and nourishment. The treatment is given by one therapist and while one person is wrapped the other is given a massage and vica versa.

Algea formula wrap

An algea treatment consisting of different brown algea. They are rich in amino acids,with slimming effect,and iodine-containing amino acids,which helps the skin to decompose fatty tissue. The algea has an explosive effect and purifies the body from heavy metals and toxins. The body can dispose swelling retrogrades easier. This prevents accumulations of liquid from forming as well as cellulite and impurities. While the mask is working the to of you can relax together. Treatments includes 15 minutes massage for each person . For best results drink water before and after this treatment. The treatment is given by one therapist.

Plus menu

DO YOU MISS SOMETHING IN YOUR TREATMENT? Add 20 minutes and make your treatment complete: scalp, face, foot or back / neck massage. Or perhaps a body scrub?
Price only 490