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Skin regimen glow & go party peel

The best treatment for the busy and modern man or woman, who wants to be the best version of their self.  All while handling daily stress and other inevitable, critical factors in urban life. Glow & Go Party Peel addresses all the common stress-related signs. Such as dehydration, blistering, imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles. It slows down lifestyle aging; a process of modern, hectic, urban life.

50 min

Express a “quick fix

Contains cleansing mask and a gentle scalp massage.

20 min

Comfort zone hydramemory treatment

Does your skin feel dry and humid? Hydra memory removes stress symptoms and restores moisture to the skin. The treatment initiates the microcirculation of the skin, which removes the wear that the free radicals apply to your skin. The skin is saturated with good ingredients such as the micro and macro hyaluronic acid. The skin becomes moist, calm, fresh and balanced.

50 min

For the first time in WORLD HISTORY,  a skincare line offer facial treatment using living stem cells from the plant Roseroot. These stem cells are alive until the moment their vitality is pushed against the skin, so that the skin can absorb all nutritional richness that is enclosed in the cells. The benefits are immediate and truly amazing!

  • Increase cell renewal
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Speed up the skin’s repair system
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Protect skin from free radicals (aka anti-aging!)
  • Increase vitality and resilience

We end the treatment with relaxing scalp massage for your utmost well-being.

80 min

Please be aware that changes in the treatments offered and prices may change.
Your booked treatment  is prepared especially  for you. If for any reason you are unable to attend the appointment,  please let us know no later than 24 hours prior appointment. Cancellations made later than these and no shows will be charged in its entirety