Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Løkkenveien 26, 4002 Stavanger


A relaxing ,therapeutic stress reducing body massage designed to suit your needs, relax tired muscles and relieve tension.

Works deep due to etheric oils chosen depending on the desired effect. You can choose which areas of your body you would like your therapist to focus on.

Choose between:
  • Relax
  • Detox
  • Energy
  • Athletic

This customized aromatherapy blend is then applied to the skin before the massage.
50 min is back of your body and 80 min is whole body.

Massage20 min50 min80 min
Monday-Thursday 690,- 1090,- 1590,-
Friday-Sunday 790,- 1190,- 1790,-

The price is present Monday-Thursday/Friday-Sunday. Friday-Sunday price applies on afternoons and public holidays.

Scalp and face massage de luxe 20/50 min

A scalp-, neck-, shoulder-, arms- and hands massage. Releases tension and is very relaxing. Your scalp is covered in nerve endings. The muscles of the face and jaws are at work night and day. Focused massage on the scalp, face and jaws can impact your entire nervous system leaving you re energized from head to toe. Particularly good for those who are stressed or have headaches or migraines.
20 min 50min includes a back massage

Foot-shin massage :20/50 min

Really helps us relax, particularly after a long day of standing up and walking around, where our feet tend to swell up. Deep foot massages can have a positive effect on the entire body. Releases tension and increases circulation. Particularly good for those who walk and stand a lot, and are troubled by swollen legs, are pregnant or have feet that feel heavy.